Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs  is a program meant to do one thing. Show every day Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Small Business Owners how to run Successful Facebook Ads!
What do I consider successful?  Generating leads that are super likely to buy, for a crazy low cost per lead. For example, I turned $450 in ads into $900,000 in condo sales for The Ivy Lofts.
You don’t have to be a Tech Wizard.   The program teaches you how to create ads from an Entrepreneurs perspective, not a data junkie’s. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to run awesome Facebook ads, and you don’t have to be scared of the Power Editor and the Pixel!
I don’t leave you hanging on Sales.  Getting leads is great, but if you can’t follow up and convert them to Sales, then what good are they? I cover an entire sales process that works fantastic, especially for Coaches, E-commerce, Local Business, and Real Estate.
Dan and his team have done an excellent job with the creation of specifically targeted online videos to help us generate leads for this revolutionary new product in Houston market. His “beyond the call” assistance in gaining exposure and solid leads that have turned to sales has been invaluable in launching us and we greatly appreciate his services.
Jason Franklin The Ivy Lofts
I thought the Facebook ads Course was frickin awesome but I just can’t believe what you managed to unlock from my mind today in personal coaching too.

I ended up selling 45 course spots at $727!!! Plus extra e book sales due to the excitement plus my page now has over 7500 likes!!! Oh and my newsletter list is now 3326!!!! Thank you so much Dan xo!!!
UPDATE August 2016: After working with Dan again, I launched a course and did $53,662 in sales, over $35,000 was made within a week!
I knew NOTHING about Facebook Ads or Sales before working with Dan. After I spent my first $100 in ads using his system, I landed a $6,000 sale, got paid, and upsold a $600 per month extra service on top of it!
Gretchen Oris-Chong Eight Corners Design
Man I thought I knew how to do FB ads before, but after taking Dan Henry’s Facebook for Entrepreneurs course, I was literally mind blown. Get a coach that knows what their doing. I consider Dan as an expert in the space. He made things so simplistic I couldn’t screw it up. He over committed and over delivered big time. He even helped me make my emails better! Talk about value. Thank you Dan.

Daniel Tapia TapiaFit
I had taken several Facebook Ads courses already. I got the feeling all of them held back. I thought it was my imagination until I went through your 8 hour seminar. Not my imagination but for realz. You’re like the FB ads Wunderkind. Not blowing smoke up your butt. You truly are.
Diane Williams Curvy Goddess LLC
I’ve been struggling with Facebook ads and other aspects of growing my business tremendously when I started working with Dan. As a first-time solopreneur I finally had the guidance I needed - Dan goes out of his way to help his clients and to boost their business. He is not holding back! 

What I like best is his dedication and passion to truly bring his client’s business to the next level. Dan showed me strategies to implement that have already yielded success, including a $750 client from my first Facebook ad - and I can say this after working with him for less than 8 weeks.

Birgit Anita Pegasus Languages
I learned more from Dan Henry in 1 hour than I learned in 6.5 years earning a Doctorate. Thanks Dan, you’re the real deal.
Dr. Rob Garcia,
Founder of SHIFT Advanced Life Design and 8 time author.
Dan’s advice completely flipped my FB ads strategy upside down in the best way possible. I made assumptions about how it would work - and he tore them down one by one and I took his criticism and advice as if he was handing me hundred dollar bills one at a time.

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