When people listen to a live speaker, a podcast, or even read an article, what is the #1 thing they really want?

To be inspired.

But what's inspiration without action?

What's the point of getting all fired up, if you don't have actionable and ATTAINABLE steps to go along with it?

It's nothing.

That's where I'm different.

I went from a broke pizza boy, to making over a million dollars with one online product.

Not only that, but I've created dozens of 6 figure earners and helped companies increase their sales through Facebook ads, marketing, and . . . Inspiration.

I can inspire while I speak, and give your audience the steps to do something about it. 
4 ways I can inspire your audience... 
  •  I can show them how to increase sales with Facebook ads that actually work.
  •  I can show them how to create an online course/product that actually sells
  •  I can show them how to create a brand that attracts raving fans
  •  I can inspire them to get of their asses.  
I've appeared on or spoken at....
  • CEO National Convention
  •  CBS Tampa
  •  NBS Orlando
  •  Power 95.3 - The Obie & Lil Shawn Morning Show
  •  The 5 Minute Bark Podcast
  •  Huff Post Live
  •  Prelaunch Profit Podcast
  •  Conversion Cast
  •  Sales Funnel Radio
I'm ready to inspire YOUR audience. 
Are you ready for the most memorable guest you have ever had? If so, click the button below to begin the inspiration. 
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© 2017, Omni Marketing LLC
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